Changing of season means change in wardrobe

A clean and properly organized wardrobe is the key to a stress-free lifestyle. Here are 5 simple steps to get your wardrobe organized with the changing season –

#1 Narrow Down Your Look for the Season

Before actually setting out to clean and organize your wardrobe for the upcoming season, you should have a clear picture in your mind as to what trends you will be following to curate your looks. Take out some time to think about the trends in colors, patterns, cuts, fabrics and styles that will inspire your look this season. You can even make a list or create a vision board to decide your style file for the spring, summer or fall season, as it will work as a blue print to organizing your wardrobe.

#2 See What Can Be Recycled

Once you have some idea about what your look for the season will be like, go through your closet to find out pieces that fit into multi-seasonal looks such as a denim jacket that can be worn in all seasons. I even head to my moms closet and grab some vintage pieces she has kicking around to make my look unique.

#3 De-Clutter

First things first, find an empty space and take out everything from your wardrobe to begin organizing it. Use an empty roll bar to sort out items as it will help create less mess. One of the most important steps to de-clutter your wardrobe as the season changes is to get rid of the clothes that you no longer fit or see yourself wearing to younger siblings or donate to places such as Elizabeth Fry Society. There is no sense in storing clothes that serve no purpose and unnecessary take up your space. Try and not hold on to clothes that you won’t ever wear and what I like to do is a 5 to 1 rule; so for every 5 items I get rid of I can treat myself to a new item for the season.

#4 Store Away Clothing that is not in Season

It is really important to store away winter clothes in summer or spring clothes in fall and vice versa. Use a spare closet or clear storage bins for these clothes, as there is no good in storing clothes in your wardrobe that you won’t be wearing for the coming months. A closet looks and feels so much nicer when it is for the current season.

#5 Final Placement

The way you would want to finally organize your closet will depend on your individual situation and every day needs. But one thing that always works while organizing your wardrobe is to place your favorite or most worn pieces at the eye level and the less used items below them. Create separate space for belts and scarves, and use baskets for any other small items. I love to color coordinate my wardrobe. Try and stick to using same hangers in your wardrobe, as that helps create uniformity and a neat look. Also, you could opt for thin huggable hangers instead of chunky wooden hangers to save on space in your wardrobe. You would be amazed at how that creates more room. Last but not least, make sure to steam your clothing before putting them back in the wardrobe and avoid getting stuck with creases at the last moment while stepping out of your home.

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