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As we all know life is busy, between the two boys and starting my own business (Studio H Edition), October went by with barely a blink! Last week I took to Pinterest to try and find an easy Halloween Costume for my youngest son Ryder. That’s when I came across a pin of a little one in PJ’s with a TY Tag, having lived through the 90’s I was excited to make Ryder my very own limited edition Beanie Baby. You can also check out CKPG Today for my segment on Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Kids.

For this costume, all you need is any sort of fuzzy PJ’s, ideally, with a hood & ears, the ty tag, and some ribbon.  With my newly acquired Cricut, I knew I could make the tag no problem, I wanted to share the process with you as well as provide you with the FREE downloadable SVG files.

Cricut (I use the Cricut Maker)
Gold Card Stock
Red Card Stock
White Card Stock
Rubber Cement

To start, download my free SVG files here. In the zipped file, you will find 3 files, one for each layer of the tag. You will notice the white layer file is coloured black, this will make it easy to remove the background when uploading into your design space. Upload your files to your Design Space, to make it easier on yourself colour code your layers and place them in order of the final design (gold, white then red) and centre the design. As Ryder is still a little guy I made the width of the tag 6 inches, to do select all layers, then set the width to 6 inches. If you are making the tag for an older child or adult I suggest playing with the sizing!

Let the Cricut do its thing, and you will end up with something like this:

Once you have each layer cut out, you will use the rubber cement to stick them together. I started with the top layer to the bottom, the hole for the ribbon can be used as a guide to ensure each layer is centred on the last! To let the glue set, and to keep the layers flat I placed the tag under books for a few hours. Now you can attach the ribbon!

Make sure to tag @Lemonpoppyseedgirl if you make your own Limited Edition Beanie Baby!


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