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Easter is a special time of year. I get a tinge of excitement each time that I realize it’s just around the corner. One of the biggest reasons I look forward to Easter is that it signifies one of my favourite seasons, too. It’s a reminder that winter is coming to an end, and soon enough the cold air will be replaced with a warmer breeze, flowers will begin to bloom, trees will come alive with a grand display of leaves, and the full renewal of spring will be in the air.

And while the onset of spring and celebration of Easter is something I embrace each year, it’s more than that for my family. Easter is a special time of year when I have the opportunity to put together some special gifts for my littles and watch them as they revel in the magic of the holiday. One of the ways I do this is by mixing it up with their Easter baskets. With our newest babe Ryder, making his grand entrance this year, I’ll also have the opportunity to up my Easter basket game and start a new tradition.

With Easter just a short time away, I thought I would give you a peek into what I have planned for my boys this year.

(Birch Bar and Co.)

My eldest Reign is two and a half now. He’s more aware of the world around him and this is exciting for me because it means I can introduce more complex treats for him in his Easter basket each year.

One of the first things I’ve prepped for his Easter basket is a new book. If our family values anything, it’s the importance of gaining and sharing knowledge. Including a book in his basket is yet another way that we’ll be able to bond as a family, he’ll be able to learn something new, and we’ll share another experience together. Some of my favorites are The Berenstain Bears Easter Classic and Happy Easter Peppa Pig.

Next, I’ll be including a cozy pair of pajamas. Maybe it’ll be something with a fun print, or his favourite cartoon character — whatever the case is, I’ll choose a pair that isn’t too heavy since the spring air brings some warmer weather along with it. And no Easter basket in our household could be built without a new addition to our Jellycat collection. We’ve managed to collect quite a few of them now, and they make the perfect cuddly and cute element to add to the basket.

Another staple that is a must-have in his Easter basket is something that he can create with. Whether that be something as simple as a colouring book and crayons, or something more elaborate like new paints, blocks, or a puzzle. It’s important to include a gift that will help foster and engage his creativity, this year I found this limited edition set from the Dough Parlor, with fun scents like bubble gum, cotton candy, vanilla, and banana split! Another great option is Lego Iconic: Build Easter Fun.

Of course, no Easter basket would be complete without the addition of what Easter is possibly best known for — sweet treats! I’ll tuck a few sweets in the basket as well just for a little extra enjoyment. My favorite local option is Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, check them out on Instagram to see all their sweet treats!

The Easter fun won’t stop at Easter baskets, of course. We’ll set up another Easter egg hunt as well. We hide plastic eggs filled with his favourite treats for him to find. His tastes have changed a bit in the last year; and instead of his former favourite, dissolvable star bites, he’s now able to enjoy more foods, which gives me a greater variety of sweet treats to choose from and put into the eggs for him to find. This year, we’ll add Goldfish to the mix along with some mini chocolate chip cookies (that just so happen to be his current fave.)

As for our newest little babe, Reign, he won’t have much of an idea what Easter is about this year. But that doesn’t mean that he’s going to miss out on any of the fun! I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures to show him as he grows, so he knows that he’s been part of the celebrations from the beginning.

Naturally, he will get his own Easter basket filled with age-appropriate treats and a few similar items found in his brother’s basket. Like his brother, there will be a new book for us to read to him, this TouchThinkLearn: ABC book is an interactive book that allows your littles to explore the alphabet in a new way, or if you want something more easter themed, this book is a great choice! He will also get a comfy onesie, and another Jellycat plush toy.

However, in addition, he will also receive a few baby essentials as well. 

There will be soothers to help calm and entertain him, these Mam ones are just too cute or for a little more fun these Mam Glow in the Dark Soothers. We’ll also add a variety of cute bibs, along with chew toys that will certainly come in handy as he starts teething.

When it comes to how I select the baskets I use for the boys, I try to find the perfect basket the first time so we aren’t constantly re-purchasing new baskets every Easter. To do this, I look for baskets that are both cute and durable so I am able to reuse them, year after year, to build onto the annual tradition.

This year, I’ve finally found the perfect baskets for them that fit all the hopes I have for them.

Easter is so much more than the Easter bunny stopping by with sweets for the kids. It’s also another time for us to connect as a family, engage in fun and entertaining games, begin another tradition that we’ll use to bring us together, and celebrate the start of a new spring season.


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