1)  What type of camera do I use for my blogging pictures?
For all my pictures I use my iPhone 11 Pro. I edit with the tezza app and I call it a day.

2) who takes your pictures for you for your blog ?
My wonderful hubby takes all my pictures. Sometimes I will hire a photographer if one speaks to my brand.

3) Best way to contact me to collaborate?
Please send inquires to me via email found here.

4) Blogging looks easy. Is it ?
It’s a one man show and it’s not easy. I am my own stylist, plus I am the writer, editor, and producer of my site while Planning content takes time. I do my own research for post content, create all the collages myself, and I make sure everything in every post links to the correct places. I also negotiate all collaborations, and manage my own social media accounts. All well being a Mom!

5) What’s your take on working with brands ?
I really enjoy working with lots of different brands. I am extremely selective when it comes to deciding which brands I will collaborate and work with. I only work with brands/companies that I truly love and would use/have if I did not have a blog.

6) I want to start a blog. Advice ?
I would recommend really narrowing down your niche. Keeping things simple. It really works. Don’t overthink it. Everyone starts somewhere. So start today, now!!! Write about whatever makes you happy and what your passions are, this makes planning weekly content easier. The fun part of blogging is you can go with your gut and write what truly matters to you. Don’t ever give up. It’s not easy but it’s also rewarding once you get going.

7) why Lemonpoppyseedgirl? The name! 
To be honest with you why not? It’s fun and it sparks people’s interest. It’s not over the top serious. Fits my personality. But of course there is a reason and here it is… I was inspired by another creator, Cherry blossom girl,  who I looked to as a blogger. I was brainstorming with my husband about things we both enjoyed. Reminiscing about how I ate my muffin as a cereal. You crumble the muffin in a bowl and mix in a little milk. So delicious! My favourite muffin was Lemonpoppyseed. Thus, Lemon was born. My husband went to the local bakery that evening and brought home a lemon poppyseed muffin to celebrate.

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