How to Shop Rodeo Drive Like a Boss

L.A is starting to feel a bit like a second home.

Flights anywhere from Northern B.C. seem to have a minimum price tag. After years of spending holidays in and around Vancouver (we love it there too), we were looking for somewhere new to go. For not much more, we found that we could fly to L.A. and enjoy the sun, surf and everything that California has to offer.

And there’s something magical about spending an afternoon in the Disneyland of Beverly Hills – Rodeo Drive. #onlyonrodeo

In 1967, Giorgio Beverly Hills was opened as Rodeo Drive’s first luxury boutique. Gucci followed shortly thereafter. In 1977, there was a publicity campaign designed to make everyone around the world think of Rodeo Drive as the shopping district for the rich and famous. And it worked. To this day, these three little blocks of Rodeo Drive are known worldwide for being an elite international fashion centre.

There’s something “Pretty Woman” about being some small town, northern girl walking Rodeo Drive with a shopping bag (or two) in hand. That feeling can be a wee bit addicting, I must admit…

Momager, peeking into the Lemon score from the day before: “What did you get, Joni?”

Lemon: “Who cares. I want new bags. These ones are so yesterday!”  XD

Beverly Hills has a reputation for botox, size 0s, and boob jobs. If there’s anywhere that highlights beauty expectations, it’s the Hills. Because of this, it can be intimidating going into some of these stores.

It’s so easy to get caught up in numbers. It’s discouraging to go into stores and not find the perfect size. It’s equally discouraging to find something you love but just can’t afford. But there is awesome stuff for everybody, if you have the right approach.

Here are some Lemonpop tips for shopping Rodeo Drive:

1.  Ignore the stink eye

Remember that classic scene in Pretty Woman when she’s turned away from a Rodeo Drive store? “Big mistake! Huge!” Well, chances are, unless you walk in wearing luxury brands, you’re going to get the stink eye. Staff on the Drive are pretty skilled at knowing who can afford to shop there and who can’t, but they’ll never get it right all the time. If you’re not a regular high-end shopper, but are there to treat yourself to an investment piece, ignore that stink eye and march in there like you own the place. And just think of how good you’ll feel when you show them up and walk out of the store with bag in hand. (OMG what did you buy! Show me! I’m already excited for you!)

2.  Invest in classics

Obviously your entire wardrobe isn’t coming from Rodeo Drive. So my recommendation is looking for classic items that will be key pieces of your closet that you’ll reach for regularly.

  • A nice crisp dress shirt
  • A beautiful blazer
  • A classic cardigan
  • The prettiest undergarments
  • A structured jacket in a neutral colour
  • A great pair of pumps or flats

I’m in love with these Bottega Veneta shoes

One of my recent finds are these Bottega Veneta shoes. They’re classic, neutral and go with everything. They are new staples for my wardrobe. And they’re super comfortable… unless you wear them for 12 hours straight before breaking them in. Blisters and bandaids in Beverly Hills.

3.  Try it on anyway

Even though the size on the hanger might not be your size, try it on anyway. While not in every case, often, there’s a way to make it work.   For instance, I fell in love with this Oscar de la Renta wrap dress. If this didn’t fit me as a dress, I could easily wear it as a sleeveless jacket, of sorts. Imagine this with a LBD and a gold belt. It would be freaking awesome.

So, try the piece on, and think about what you have in your wardrobe that might make the piece work FOR YOU.

Admiring all the glam on Rodeo Drive in my Oscar de la Renta dress. With a turtleneck, obviously.

4.  Know that not every brand is for every body

If you go into a Victoria Beckham store and you’re curvy, you’re going to be disappointed. She has a brilliant and stunning brand, but it’s not a curvy brand. Not every brand is going to be suitable for every woman, and that’s totally okay. Brands don’t have to be everything for everybody. Fashion design is an art and they have creative control. Some brands – or even just lines – have an eye that’s looking for a particular silhouette. So keep that in mind while you’re looking around. Don’t let that discourage you.

5.  Look off Rodeo

Let’s say that you find this item that you have gone completely gaga for but that’s waaay outside your budget or just doesn’t fit. Like you followed the other tip and tried it on anyway… and got caught in it in the dressing room… and broke out into a cold sweat because how the hell are you going to get this thing off and you hear the seam rip just a little bit and hope no one noticed and now the sales staff is asking how you’re doing and you squeak out a fine thanks and you’re trying to reach for your cell phone to call your friend to talk you out of the situation and you’re thinking of that scene in Friends with Ross and the leather pants but there’s no lotion nor baby powder nearby and you are probably going to suffocate and die in this change room because you can’t breathe and…Yeah, we’ve all been there.   There are lots of options off Rodeo Drive that offer clothes inspired by luxury brands, but that offer a wider range of sizes and lower price points, like Zara. You’ll definitely sacrifice some quality, but you’ll still feel chic as shit.

So, there you have it! That’s how Lemonpop does Rodeo Drive.

Impression of Rodeo Drive from the Glam Squad

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