I’m A Boy Mom and I Love It

After I had my baby boy – Reign, I found people would constantly ask me if we were going to be trying for another. Along with that, people would say “do you wish it would’ve been a girl”or “are you going to try for the next one to be a girl?” The truth is I don’t know for sure if I am even going to have more children, and I definitely will not be wishing for a girl if I do. Children are not accessories or mystery bags. You do not get to choose what you get. I don’t need to have a girl to have a “mini me”, my son is already my mini me and he is so incredible. He teaches me and inspires me to be a better mom every single day. My son is intelligent, creative, funny, loving and most importantly he encourages me to go outside my comfort zone and do things I normally wouldn’t do. Plus I can dress him in the most adorable outfits!! I want to lead by example, and show him how to be a good person. I want to show him how to be thoughtful, kind, compassionate and respectful. One day he will grow up and become a man, and it is my responsibility to raise him to be a gentleman. I can’t wait for all the future adventures, all the laughs, and all the memories that are yet to be created. I absolutely love being a boy mom and wouldn’t change it for the world.

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