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I recently sat down for an interview with Adam Mendler to talk about growing a personal brand, leadership and what my experience with life as an Instagram influencer is really like.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how to break into the world of influencer marketing or maybe looking for some advice and experience, dive into this interview!

Adam: What inspired your mission to make women feel confident in front of the camera? And how can women – and men – feel confident in front of the camera and in general?

Jontia: Body positivity is one thing that many people struggle with the most. As a curvy woman, I know how difficult it can be finding clothing to suit my body type. I share my knowledge to show things such as cloths to accentuate the waist, makeup tips to enhance your features and posing advice to use camera angles to your advantage. I constantly remind everyone to be the best version of themselves because nothing is more attractive to an audience than confidence.

Beauty is the ability to make others feel amazing not just by commenting on their looks. That is why I research for my followers brands that work with all body sizes. When I give styling tips I show how you can enhance a look as well as make it more flattering. For example, belting a loose flowing dress at the waist. This draws attention to your curves without clinching them. For beauty tips, I like to show how highlighter can give your skin a quick and healthy glow and a photo ready face. I just did a IG live with a photographer friend of mine to give quick tips on posing so you don’t constantly criticize your pictures. Simple adjustments such as hand placement on the hip and a slight angle with a slightly forward elongated neck can do wonders for your pictures.

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