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Travel is awesome, but it also comes with its own “baggage”! Pun intended. When it comes to packing for travel, most of us get anxious and tend to panic, especially if we’ve left it to the last moment. So the first rule to pack right for travel is to never leave it to the last moment, because this is what will cause you to underpack or overpack. Here is a list of some packing essentials the I carry with me regardless of short or long travel.

* Decent Size Tote: Carry a decent size tote that can help you with portable storage. A couple I would recommend are Herschels for an economical option and Louis Vuitton Nevderfull which allows for everyday use as a handbag as well.

* CC Cream: A good quality cc cream is a must in your travel bag, as it helps you fight uneven skin tone, makes your skin look flawless and radiating without having to need a full pound of makeup. A simple approach to a nice glow!

* Face Masks: Carrying a face mask while traveling is always a good idea, as they come handy during long flights and trips to keep your skin hydrated and fresh. It’s also fun to see the reaction of others sitting around you when you look like Michael Myers.

* Lip Balm: Traveling often leads to dry and chapped lips and this is why you must carry a lip balm at all times to keep you lips soft, moisturized and hydrated.

* Micellar Wipes: Carry these to avoid using the plane washrooms.

* Magnesium Packets: These will boost your energy and help calm anxiety during flights.

* Sample Perfumes: They take up less space and make you smell fresh all day long. Sephora is a great place to collect them as they offer with purchase.

* Hand Sanitizer: Be it in the form of liquid or wipes, hand sanitizers are a must to carry during your travels. These are great to wipe down the food tray, hotel remotes, plane seats and most obviously to clean your hands.

* Scarf: If you tend to feel cold on the plane, then a scarf can come to your rescue and help your neck and throat keep warm.

* Hotel Slippers: It’s nice to take off your footwear and have on slippers during your flight. I tend to collect these from hotel stays and use them on my flights.

* Headphones & Sunglasses: These are two travel essentials that you cannot leave behind at any cost.

* Hand Lotion: The soaps you get on airplanes can be very drying so having a good moisturizer will prevent dry and course hands.

* Swim Suit: Always pack a swimsuit if you are traveling to a tropical destination. Or if you just have an overnight stay then carry change of clothing, underwear and pjs. This way, you also avoid the mess of unpacking your entire suitcase for finding something to wear for the night.

* Protein Bar: They are light to pack and save you from hangry!

* Pen: Don’t forget carrying a pen, as you’ll never know when you’ll need it. I always see people struggling to find a pen to fill out documents when going overseas or to tropical destinations.

* Charger: Most planes have a plug/usb outlets so you can keep your phone sorted when you land.

* Passport Cover: A passport cover will help protect your passport from getting dirty or damaged.

Having all of these items on hand makes travel so much easier. Best way to start your adventures is stress free and organized. Bon Voyage!

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