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With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the gifts we’ll be purchasing for our loved ones. During this time of year, we often gravitate towards bigger companies with larger inventories for our gifts. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, there is another option that will not only help you get creative with your gifts, but it will also help out your community – you can shop local. Purchasing from local businesses means that you’re helping to support the little guy. These are the businesses that don’t have million or billion-dollar budgets. These are the companies that are run by a few passionate people who have the desire to bring something more to their communities. Because of this, I’ve compiled a local guide guide with some of my favorites. They span from BC all the way across Canada. 

(Theory at Home has the best decor!)

Before we jump into the list, I want to mention that some of these companies don’t have websites. Being that they’re on smaller budgets, it’s completely understandable. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t get in contact with them!

If you’re interested in a company or the products they offer, but they don’t have a website, don’t be afraid to send them a DM (Direct Message) on social media. This is a wonderful way to learn about the brand and get personal with the company. I have received many custom pieces simply for reaching out, it never hurts to ask! And you never know, some brands may even be in the process of setting up a website or online store and you’re just ahead of the game.


Col Juicery

Prince George, BC – Instagram | Website

Col Juicery is a locally owned and operated Cold Pressed Juice company that sources the best local products to create fresh (and healthy!) cold-pressed juices, smoothies, plant-based milks and more.

I love everything that this company stands for. They support other local community makers and businesses, and their products are phenomenal. Gift cards are now available and they have a pop-up shop in Pine Centre Mall.



Hapa Threads

Prince George, BC – Instagram

Hapa Threads is a family run business that knits trendy and warm winter accessories. While they mainly specialize in toques, they also create many other custom-designed scarves, crocheted baby toys, and even bibs.

These make great gifts for anyone who lives in a colder climate. They’re stylish and practical. Hapa Threads also offers “mommy and me” bundles so that you can match your littles when you’re going out in the cold.



Kindness Krate

Prince George, BC – Instagram | Website

Kindness Krate takes all of the leg work out of gift-giving for the holidays. They put together gift boxes filled with goodies that your friends and family are sure to love. You can choose from some of their pre-curated boxes that already have products selected, or you can build your own gift box with the products they offer. 

These are the perfect gifts for those who can never tell you what they want for presents and the loved ones who appreciate a bit of variety.



Theory at Home

Prince George, BC – Instagram | Website

Theory Hardware is a furniture and decor company that offers on-trend pieces from bedroom furniture all the way to Christmas decor. The founders are two Prince George local ladies who specialize in interior design and their selection is phenomenal. 

This was a must have on my local gift guide, gift cards are available and this is a great gift option for anyone in your life who loves to spruce up their home decor. 



Lavender & Lace Crafting

Prince George, BC – Instagram | Website

Lavender & Lace offers wall hangings, lettering, fiber art, wreaths, and custom signs for your home. The pieces are unique and the custom order options are endless.

If you’re looking for a cute sign with quotes to place on the mantel, or if you’re looking for custom wall hangings to put up in your bedroom, Lavender & Lace has you covered.



PG Beauty Trends

Prince George, BC – Instagram | Website

For the beauties in your life who love (or could use) a little pampering in their lives, PG Beauty Trends offers all the services they could need. This year they will be offering Christmas Gift boxes, which make the perfect gift even in a pinch. 



4 Paws Pure

Prince George, BC – Instagram | Website

4 Paws Pure is the perfect place to purchase gifts for your loved ones who have fur babies. Inspired by a rescue in their care, 4 Paws Pure was created out of a need to provide healthy, one ingredient treat, and healthy food options for pets.

We all know someone who has furbabies that are just as much a part of the family as their humans. These make the perfect gift for them and their pets.



Get Joni 

Victoria, BC – Instagram | Website

Get Joni is a BC company that offers organic and biodegradable pads for anyone who experiences periods. They offer free shipping across Canada to ensure that even those in remote communities will have affordable access to period care.

Companies that have strong missions at the forefront of their businesses are some of my favourite companies to work with. It’s a humbling experience to see companies like Get Joni who work tirelessly to end period poverty in Canada. I love that they have implemented a 1 for 1 model too. This means that for every purchase made, period products will also be provided to someone in need.



Proteas & Co

Vancouver, BC – Instagram | Website

If you haven’t heard, scrunchies have made a comeback! But, they’re not the scrunchies you may remember from childhood. In fact, Proteas & Co offers scrunchies that are high quality and in prints to die for! 

This year they also launched their Local Love Holiday Boxes that not only include these adorable scrunchies, but they also contain local favourites as well. Check them out for your trendy loved ones. Check out my full review of Protea & co.



Little White House & Co

Fort Langley, BC – Instagram | Website

Little White House & Co is more than just a store that offers quality, one-of-a-kind type clothing. It is also a beautiful spot to grab an afternoon tea and a bite to eat.

One of the things that I love most about this spot is the romantic vibe of it all. They also have an online store, aptly named the Doll House, where you can find whatever you’re looking for. Their inventory includes gift cards for the holidays and a Christmas collection of unique ornaments and decor.




Vancouver, BC – Instagram | Website

I’m always on the lookout for great, healthy snacking options for me and the family. Mumgry is one of my favourite options because they offer great, plant-based snack options that keep the ingredients simple so that we don’t have to guess whether or not they’re good for us.

Another reason to love and Mumgry is because they are also dedicated to supporting the communities around them. They take particular interest in organizations that support women and mothers.



Relix Candle Collective

Vancouver, BC – Instagram | Website

Relix Candle Collective was born when its founders were trying to find the perfect gifts for their families…but on a budget.  This happy accident turned into a business that creates naturally scented, soy-based candles that are hand-poured into vintage containers that are found in and around the Vancouver area. 

In addition to making one-of-a-kind candles that are sure to delight your loved ones, Relix Candle Collective also donates $1 from every sale to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.



Shahirani by Bobby

Surrey, BC – Instagram | Website

Shahirani By Bobby creates unique, high-quality dupattas that are elegant and handcrafted. Their products come in an array of fabrics and prints, all of which are high-quality and sure to delight your loved ones.

What I love most about Shahirani by Bobby is that the pieces fit whatever you’re looking for and they accomplish their mission of draping their clients in luxury.



Birch Bar & Co 

Kelowna, BC – Instagram | Website

Birch Bar & Co provides modern party decor including custom cake toppers, signs, tassels, and various other party decor items. My local gift guide would not be complete without this maker.

There are plenty of occasions worth celebrating throughout the year, and why not help a loved one by providing them with the decorations to take the party to the next level?



Jenna Rae Cakes

Winnipeg, MB – Instagram | Website

Who doesn’t love getting a little something sweet during the holidays? There’s plenty of goodies to choose from including cupcakes, macaroons, and various other sweet treats.

Jenna Rae Cakes is my favourite place to shop for my loved ones who I know have a sweet tooth.



Cuddle and Kind (Etobicoke, ON)

Etobicoke, ON – Instagram | Website

These adorable hand-knit dolls started with a family’s mission to help feed children in need, while supporting women artisans in Peru. 

If you have a little to buy for, these soft and cuddly dolls are adorable and support a great cause.


White Terry Home

Toronto, ON – Instagram | Website

Did you know that quality of sleep can be affected by how sheets are made and the material used? White Terry Home uses organic materials and produces bedding that is both sustainably harvested and manufactured at an affordable price.

The design is timeless, and goes with all the seasons of my home. Our morning family cuddles are that much better after a great nights’ sleep. 



Q for Quinn

Toronto, ON – Instagram | Website

Q for Quinn is one of my favourite shops when it comes to cotton basics for my little. What started as a mom creating no-seam socks for her son with eczema grew into a company that makes organic, ethically sourced cotton clothing that ships Canada wide. One of the best parts of Q for Quinn is their partnership with Mary’s Meals where a purchase of 1 pair of socks turns into 1 meal for someone in need.

These make great gifts for any of your friends or loved ones who have children.


There are so many fantastic, local options for purchasing gifts this year. And another way to show support is to donate to the charities and organizations that are closest to our hearts. 

It can be easy to get caught up in the glitz of the holiday season, but shifting our focus to those in need allows us to remember that life is so much bigger than just ourselves.

Two organizations that are dear to my heart are ones that have impacted my life in ways I didn’t know was possible.


The BC Cancer Foundation

The BC Cancer Foundation works tirelessly to fundraise money that goes directly to BC Cancer to help further the research required to find a cure for a disease that impacts so many families each year. And my family is no exception as my cousin, Amin, was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in 2019. This organization ensures that all donations made to them stay in BC and go directly to BC Cancer and their efforts. Click here to donate.



Prince George Animal Rescue

Another organization that I love is the Prince George Animal Rescue. My furbabies are just as much a part of the family as everyone else. I believe that all animals deserve a forever family that will shower them with all the love they deserve. This organization not only re-homes stray animals, but they also work to rehabilitate them to increase their chances of finding the families that will love them for the rest of their lives. Click here to donate.


Our communities need to come together more than ever this year and there are countless ways to make a difference. Remember that we all deserve some holiday cheer and if you’re able to help make someone’s holiday that much brighter, you’re helping make the world a better place.

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