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If you’re anything like me (a complete makeup fanatic) you know that there’s no such thing as too much makeup. You spend years learning what products you love and what products just aren’t for you. Then new brands, colours, and shades are released that catch your eye and you just can’t help yourself because you know that you don’t have anything in your collection like it! But then one day you come back from a little splurge and realize that you’ve got no space for your new purchase! You panic because you realize that you’ve neglected your makeup investments by being careless with your organization. How can you possibly put all of those lovely products to good use if you don’t remember and can’t see what you’ve got? How can you be inspired to try new combinations of shadows and lipsticks if they’re scattered all around your makeup drawer/bag? You can’t. But, that’s where I can help. I’ve got some organization tips that will take your makeup collection from overwhelming to glorious.

It’s got to be out with the old and in with the new

Before I set out to re-organize my makeup, I know that I need to first go through each product and see if it’s should still be in my collection. This a crucial first step to clearing out and organizing your makeup.

This can be time-consuming, so set yourself up for success by first switching on your favourite Netflix show, keeping water close to remain hydrated, and then get down to business.

First, look to see if any of your products are expired. If they are, I suggest that you throw them away – no exception. Keeping and using expired makeup products is dangerous and there’s a reason that it has a shelf life. Expired makeup products can go bad and, if used, they can wreak havoc on your skin.

If you haven’t used a product in a long time or you can’t remember when you purchased it, it’s best not to chance it. Throw it away, and if it’s a product that you actually loved, go out and repurchase it.

I also think it’s important to help yourself stay on track. In order to make it an efficient process, I like to use these sorting signs  so that I don’t have a messy pile in the middle of the room which can make the work that much more tedious. Click here, download the sorting signs, print & cut and finally sort!

Keep a replenish list

As you’re going through your makeup, pay attention to the things you’re throwing away and the products that you’re running low on – and keep a running list.

There is almost nothing more frustrating than doing a makeup look and going to use a beauty blender only to remember that you threw it out without purchasing a replacement.

Trust me, you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t make a note to replenish your essentials as you clean out your collection.

Every product needs a home

The best way to cut down on clutter is to ensure that all of your products have their own home. If you don’t designate a spot for each of your products, they tend to end up tucked away in a drawer and never seen again.

Okay, that’s dramatic. But, truthfully, if you don’t have a place for all of your products, you may lose track of them, only to find them again during your next purge.

Shop my picks to ensure everything has a home!

Clear storage is a game-changer

I am a huge fan of clear storage for all of my makeup. Clear drawers, dividers, and trays allow me to see all of the makeup I have available and it makes it so much easier to find what I’m looking for.

Another bonus to clear storage is that it gives you the ability to sort your makeup however you see fit. If you want to sort it by colour or even by season, the clear storage will put your beautiful assortment on display.

Having compartments and drawers makes accessing your lipsticks and lip balms a breeze. This works especially well if you use it in combination with the suggestion above of sorting your makeup.

Check out my YouTube video on lipstick organization to see how I put this into action. I have a relatively large collection and using these tips is what keeps it all manageable. I show you what my clear organizer looks like, as well as the custom dividers and how I sort my different lipstick shades.

If you’ve got your lipsticks and lip balms separated and sorted by season, and use compartments to house the different shades, it will be so much easier to find what you’re looking for so you can spend less time searching and more time creating your look!

Shop my picks for clear storage solutions.

Add your creative touch to make it special

Remember, this is your makeup and your collection. It needs to make sense to you and if you love the way it looks, you’re more likely to spend the time using the products.

Personally, I put my own special touch by adding labels to the different sections, compartments, and drawers. Not everyone will find this tip useful, but I find that labels make it easier for me to put things away and pull products out when I’m in a hurry.

And remember, there are plenty of organization tools out there that you can use to help ensure that all your makeup is customized for your space.

As a bonus, I think it’s also great to take a look around your home and see if there are any other spaces that would benefit from a good sorting and organization strategy. I know that another space that requires a bit of attention (or else it gets really messy) is my closet.

While you’re looking for makeup organizers, you may come across other organizers such as jewelry organizers. These are great for placing on your vanity or in your closet to keep your jewelry from become a tangled disaster.  Shop my Amazon Store and find all my selection to make makeup organization easy!

Alternatively, you can purchase catch-all bins that can be used in your closet as well, for things like lotions, lip balms, and other little products that sit in your purse. Or you can put it in your bathroom to house some of your skincare products or other small items that you struggle to find a place for.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to organization and your makeup is a great place to start. You deserve to look and feel your best, so investing the time to organize your makeup space will not only clear your clutter, but it will make space for more you-time.

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