“So hot right now” – Magatu would crush on this!

What is the hottest bag of the season ? That is an easy answer for me right now because I am obsessed with Bottega Veneta’s mini pouch cross body.  I could have left the store with every color but had to be counselled by my husband to limit myself to just two. So I went with a smooth coloured “moutared” and signature woven coloured “caramel.”  Instantly, I could see how this bag is hands downs the hottest of the season and has been the most photographed and carried bag over fashion week.

Bottega Veneta’s Mini Pouch is fashion’s latest “it” bag, which means it’s super difficult to track down right now. I am fortunate to have one of my favourite retail humans to work with at the Bottega Veneta on Rodeo in Beverly Hills. As a special bonus I’ve added a few questions to introduce you to West as he shares his knowledge.

Hi Jonita! This is West Markarian at Bottega Veneta LA

What made you get into fashion?

Oddly enough, it happened by accident. I started in mid-level retail and found that I was inspired by my clients. The process of understanding and helping them fascinated me. Over time, I moved to Louis Vuitton then ultimately to Bottega Veneta all in search of developing the most client-centric experiences possible.

Fashion is as much about what to wear as it is about relationships, and I find that deeply gratifying.

What do you forecast the “it” item to be for Fall?

Our upcoming Chain Padded Cassette!

All bias aside, I genuinely believe Daniel Lee is a brilliant designer and has a very clear vision for the future of Bottega Veneta. He understands the power of discretion and quiet confidence in a world filled with logos and “look-at-me” fashion. I think the Chain Padded Cassette expresses that perfectly.

Favourite thing about living in California?

Just one favorite thing? Diversity.

California is home to so many vastly different people, cultures, foods, ideas, and industries.

And obviously the weather is good, but everyone says that…

Style advice?

Wear what makes you feel good. Whether you want confident, sexy, punky, boho, hipster, romantic, or anything else, dress to match who you are.

What/who are you inspired by in the industry?

I’m inspired by the people and collaboration. The fashion industry is extremely collaborative, and it’s those interpersonal relationships that most inspire me. Those include the relationships I have with my clients, as I believe a client who shops with us is a key part of the industry.

If you’re ever in the Beverly Hills area make sure to stop in the Bottega on Rodeo and say hi to West.

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  1. Ooh! I love what he said about “quiet confidence in a world of ‘look at me’ labels” i vibe with that! Also that caramel woven bag is fab!

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